Triathletes swim up to twice a week

Our triathlete swim sessions are suitable for top age group athletes to beginners wanting to improve their freestyle
technique. Sessions work on both front crawl technique and swim fitness. During the racing season sessions also include
drills and simulations to help with the unique challenges of open water swimming.


Tuesday 7:45-9:00pm
Thursday 7:45-9:00pm

Minimum Standard:

Able to swim 2000m in an hour


X1/week £23/month
X2/week £39/month

Swim England Registration Fee:

To swim with the Club you will need to be registered with Swim England. If you don’t already have Swim England registration the Club’s
membership secretary will register you. The minimum registration fee (Cat 1) is £15.45/year. If you plan to swim competitively you will probably
need Cat 2 registration which is £34.25/year.