Swimmers are expected to conform to our code of conduct at all times

The aim of this code of conduct is to maintain our clubs reputation as a friendly and disciplined organisation and above all to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our swimmers. All Ilkley Swimming Club swimmers are expected to conform to it at all times.

General Behaviour
  • I will treat all members and persons associated with the Club and Swim England with dignity and respect.
  • I will treat everyone equally and never discriminate against another person on any grounds including age, sexual orientation, gender, faith, ethnic origin or nationality.
  • I understand that the use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, or physical violence will not be tolerated and will result in referral through disciplinary or child welfare policies.
  • I will display a high standard of behaviour at all times.
  • I will respect and abide by any reasonable requests from facility/pool Staff.
  • I am aware that I can in confidence report any poor behaviour by others to the coaches and committee.
  • I am prepared to accept constructive criticism from coaches.
Social Media
  • I will not take or share inappropriate images captured on any device at any time.
  • I will never take images using any device where those concerned would not wish the image to be captured.
  • I will not engage in bullying on social media, including gaming platforms.
Changing Areas
  • I will treat the changing and shower areas with respect at all times.
  • I will keep all mobile phones switched off in the changing areas and lock away securely whilst at the pool.
  • I will place all my belongings either in a secure locker or poolside. I will not leave them in cubicles or group changing areas. I understand that ISC and the pool will not take any responsibility for items left unattended. Items may be removed if left in cubicles.
  • I will leave the changing area promptly once changed.
  • I will respect fellow members and other users of the pool i.e. not view over or under cubicles, bang on cubicle doors etc.
  • I will make the coach and welfare officer aware if I have difficulties in regularly attending training sessions.
  • I understand that if I arrive late, I must report to my coach before entering the pool.
  • I will ensure that I have all of my equipment with me at all training sessions, e.g. full drink bottle, hat, goggles, kick board and pull buoy.
  • I will listen to the coaches and ask if I don’t understand.
  • I will complete each and every training set and session without distracting fellow squad members from their own training.
  • If I need to leave the pool for any reason during training, I will inform a coach before doing so.
  • I will listen to what my coaches are telling me at all times.
  • I will always swim to the wall as I would do in a race, and I will practice turns as instructed.
  • I will not stop and stand in the lane, or obstruct others from completing their training.
  • I will not pull, hang or sit on the lane ropes as this may cause damage and injure other members.
  • I will treat all recovery work with the same attention to detail as the training sessions themselves
  • At competitions I will always behave in a manner that shows respect to my coach, Team Managers, the officers, my team mates and all competitors.
  • I understand that I will be required to attend team events and galas that the Coaches/Club has selected me for, unless agreed otherwise.
  • I will report to the team manager on arrival.
  • I will warm up before the event as directed by the coaches.
  • I will always support team mates. This means I will stay with the team on poolside.
  • If I have to leave poolside for any reason I will get the consent of the team manager before doing so.
  • After my race, I will report directly to my coach for feedback.
  • I will show good sportsmanship in victory or defeat.
  • I will never leave an event until either the gala is complete or I have the explicit agreement of the team manager.