ISC is a community swimming club focussed on providing swimming and waterpolo to the local area. We provide good training from experienced coaches with a real focus on technique. We participate in local swimming meets and a few open meets during the year. As many parents testify this gives junior swimmers lots of chances to compete and for most ISC swimmers is just what they want.  Some ISC junior swimmers wish to take their swimming further, to have more sessions per week and to give them the opportunity to compete in more open meets and at a higher level. For these swimmers the next step is to join a club whose primary focus is competition.
For most ISC swimmers that competitive club is the training scheme run by Bradford Council working with City of Bradford Swimming Club. As a club we work closely with both the Council and City of Bradford SC. The scheme works by swimmers initially joining the Rising Stars squad and training one day a week with them whilst continuing with ISC as usual. The two complement each other. Over time a swimmer may progress through the Council scheme and start to do more sessions with the Council and, as they progress further, less with ISC.  More information about City of Bradford SC and the Council scheme can be found on www.cobsc.co.uk including details of the squads, training times and the progression criteria between the various squads.
ISC has members in the Rising Stars, Junior Development and Youth Development squads and most who try it get a lot of benefit and enjoyment from it. There is no pressure to move from one squad to another, nor within the Rising Stars squad to compete in open meets. Entry to Rising Stars is by invitation, with the ISC coaches working with Sarah Fisher who runs the Council's Junior Development squad.