Swimmers Code of Conduct

Swimmers will

1. Conduct themselves in a responsible and appropriate manner in training and will also demonstrate this whilst in any facility that the club uses.
2. Respect the facilities and equipment in any establishment that the scheme uses.
3. Show respect for all coaches of the scheme.
4. Listen to the instructions of the coaches whilst in or out of the water. (Holding your own conversations or interrupting when a coach is talking is not acceptable).
5. Complete all training sessions as directed by the squad coach to the best of their ability. (If a coach believes a swimmer is not working to the best of their ability without good reason then the swimmer could be asked to leave the session).
6. Attend as many of the sessions as possible. (School exams and illness will be taken into consideration with this issue).
7. Be prepared for each session:
·         Be on the poolside before the sessions starts. (Being consistently late is very rude)
·         Be ready to go with the correct equipment  (hat, goggles, kick board, pull buoy, water bottle).
·         Make sure that your equipment is serviceable and ON before the start of each session.
8. Seek the permission of the coach before leaving the water during sessions.
9. Will visit the toilet before sessions if needed. Except for extreme cases swimmers will not be allowed to visit the toilet during sessions. This is time consuming, disruptive and unfair to both other swimmers and coaches.
10. Show appropriate lane discipline whilst in the water. Sitting on lane ropes or standing on kick boards is not appropriate discipline.
11. Be respectful of other swimmers in the club. Bullying within Ilkley Swimming Club in any form will not be tolerated. ANY INSTANCES OF BULLYING WILL BE REPORTED TO THE COMMITTEESwimmers could be banned from training or even expelled from the club if any bullying is proved.
12. Encourage and support other swimmers pre, during and post training and at competitions.
13. Will not use any illegal or banned performance enhancing materials.
14. Observe Health & Safety regulations of all facilities that the club is using.